Kamaladdinov Nadir Adil, 1976 г.р., Single.

Адрес: 1-111, Seyidzadeh Guseyn St., Baku City, AZ1111, Azerbaijan Republic

Телефон: +99450 3288326

e-mail: nadir_kamaladdinov@hotmail.com

Main Institute:

Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University n. a. N. Tusi
Dates 1993 – 1998
Basic Objectives History and Law
Degree obtained Bachelor of History and Law

Other Courses:

Institute Date and Place Course

Eurasia Foundation
Jan-Feb, 2000, Baku
Conflict Resolution

United Nations
May 2-5, 2000, Baku
UN mechanism in Human Right

Caucasus LINKS
June, 2000, Tbilisi, Georgia
Meeting with Minority NGOs of Georgia

Constitutional Legal Policyand Institute (COLPI)
July, 23–28, 2000, Tbilisi, Georgia
Involvement in civic activity/increase of professionalism and creation of organization structure for NGOs, working in national and ethnic minority sphere.

European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano
September, 4 – 15, 2000, Brixen/Bressanone, Italy
Regions and Minorities in a Greater Europe

UNHCHR and Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
November, 15 –18, 2000,Warsaw, Poland
Preparatory meeting of NGOs from Eastern and Central Europe for WCAR

Human Rights in Georgia
January 17 – 21, 2001, Likani, Georgia
Conflict Prevention & Resolution

March, 1 – 4, 2001, Baku, Azerbaijan
Role of NGOs in Azerbaijan

June, 27 –30, 2001, Baku, Azerbaijan
Caucasus Youth for Culture of Peace, Tolerance and Interethnic Understanding

July, 11 – 17, 2001, Tbilisi, Georgia
Protection of refugees, IDPs and Minorities in Caucasus

July – August, 2001, Hojskolen Ostersoen, Denmark
Minority Course 2001

Marshall Foundation
February, 2002, Yerevan, Armenia
Expert Meeting on Resolution of the Karabakh Conflict

UN, Levi`s Foundation
July, August, 2002, Bangkok, Thailand
Workshop on Human Rights for Youth

EU “Youth in Action” Programme and Council of Europe
15-21 October, 2007, Edinburgh, Great Britain
European Citizenship Training Course

Council of Europe, Youth of European Minorities
25 – 30 August 2009, Strasbourg, France
Minorities of Europe – all different, all equal
Опыт работы
Date Location Organization Position Duties
December Caucasus International Caucasus Director General
2001 Foundation on Minority Coordination
Issues (ICFMI)
February 2000 Caucasus Resource Center on Director General
December 2001 National Minorities Coordination
July, 2000 Caucasus Open Society Institute Consultant Consulting
to present on National
August – Azerbaijan LINKS (UK based Representative Coordination
November, International NGO) in Azerbaijan of LINKS
2000 activity
in Azerbaijan
1998 – 2000 Azerbaijan Legal Advise Center Coordinator Support
(LAC) of Program on to local
National Minority
Minorities NGOs
in Azerbaijan
Дополнительные сведения
Member of the ACC Europe (Assosiation of Community Colledges).
Member of the AYNHR Asia (Asian Youth Network on Human Rights).

Participation in Working Group on Warning and Prevention Conflicts in the Forum of Azerbaijani NGOs issued in migration, refugees, IDPs and Minorities.
Participation in preparation Process to WCAR.
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